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Setup & Calibration

When putting together an audio  or video system, there are many things to consider beyond just the products that you buy.  What are the properties of the room they are to be installed in?

Size, shape, materials, unwanted light, noise… how will these react with the sound and video?  How will they effect the quality of the experience.

What are the default settings of the components being installed? Are they ideal for the room they are going to be installed in?

Likely not by default, but with the proper set up and calibration from an experienced professional, your audio or video system will look or sound as best it can.

Speaker and subwoofer placement, acoustic treatment, time delay and volume adjustment, crossover and phase adjustments.

Proper configuration of these items can make an audio system sound notably superior to a system costing much more that has not been properly set up.

The same is true for video.  Out of the box, many TV’s contrast ratio’s, brightness levels, and color levels are set way too high because these settings make whites appear “whiter”, blacks appear “blacker”, and colors appear brighter.

Manufacturers do this because TV’s set like this can appeal to buyers at first glance in a retail setting.

The problem is that many issues arise with these default settings, such as: whites clipping, blacks crushing, image detail loss, oversaturation of color, and inaccurate tones, just to name a few.

On top of that, component settings such as resolution and refresh rates must be set to work with the TV’s settings in order to get the best picture possible.

Even slight adjustments, when done correctly, can make a huge impact on the quality of the sound and video.

DCD recognizes the importance of correct configuration of systems which is why we provide calibration and proper setup in our installations.

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