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Lighting Control

Do you always remember to turn off all the lights in your home? Does it take a lot of time to go through and check every single light switch?

What about mood lighting or outdoor feature lighting? Do you ever have guests over and want all the indoor and outdoor lighting set to different brightness levels?

What if you could change all the lights on the premises to the exact status and brightness levels that you want with the push of a single button?

What about motorized drop down shades that come down when the sun is too bright or to completely black out a room for a perfect movie viewing experience in the middle of the day?

A full lighting control system makes all of these tasks possible and can all be controlled via simple touch-pads.


- Lighting Control wiring, installation, and configuration

- Intuitive Lighting Control touch-pads, dimmers, and switches installed at sensible locations throughout the home.

- Custom full house lighting scenes are programmed into the system such as: All on, All off, Night mode with only hall lights on at 25%, party mode with custom preset brightness levels for different rooms (these are just examples of what is possible).

- The ability to see what the status of different lights throughout the premises.

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