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HD Media Centers

You want an amazing theater experience, but you don’t want to dedicate an entire room to it.

Media Centers can be integrated into virtually any room without sacrificing floor space, functionality, or aesthetics.

Speakers mounted or recessed into walls and ceilings, flat panel displays installed with adjustable or motorized mounts…

Even drop down projectors, screens, and blackout shades that completely disappear when not in use are possible.

All controlled from a single remote which simplifies the use of your high tech system.


- Media Center integration into any room

- Wall mounted Flat Panel, and in/on wall/ceiling speakers and subwoofers

- Cabinet installed Flat Panel, speakers, and subwoofers

- Flat Panel, Video Processing, Room Tones, and Lighting Optimization and Calibration

- Preamp, Amplifier, Speakers, Subwoofers, and Room Acoustics Optimization and Calibration

- Audio/Video Source installation, optimization, and calibration (DVD, Cable, Dish, I-pod, Etc)

- One remote ease of use solution

- Automated Flat Panel Display and Speaker Lifts if preferred

- Automated Lighting Control if preferred (Lights, Blinds, Etc)

- Audio/Video Server Integration if preferred

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