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HD Digital Theaters

You recline into intense comfort as you prepare yourself for hours of uninterrupted entertainment.

With the push of a single button, the lights dim and the entire wall in front of you becomes a window which pulls you deep into a world far beyond the room you entered moments before.

You are immersed by sounds around you. You hear every trickle of water, every bird chirping, even the leaves rustling behind you.

Then the thunder strikes. Your heart jumps as the ground shakes from each tremor. The detail and immense magnitude of the experience sends tingles down your spine… and you’re only seconds into the movie.

You absorb the entire ensemble into your senses exactly as the director intended… in a true theater.


- Complete Dedicated HD Theater Design, Specification, Wiring, Installation, and Programming

- Projector, Screen, Video Processing, Room Tones, and Lighting Optimization and Calibration

- Preamp, Amplifier, Speakers, Subwoofers, and Room Acoustics Optimization and Calibration

- Audio/Video Source installation, optimization, and calibration (DVD, Cable, Dish, I-pod, Etc)

- One remote ease of use solution

- Automated Projector, Screen, and Speaker Lifts if preferred

- Automated Lighting Control if preferred (Lights, Blinds, Etc)

- Audio/Video Server Integration if preferred

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