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Go Green

A concern for many people these days is their impact on the environment and the cost of energy consumption. This is an important thing to consider when building a new home.

Most people would think that a high tech electronics system would increase your impact on the environment because of the amount of energy it would consume.

The reality is that a lot of newer technology actually consumes less energy then older technology, is more efficient with the energy it uses, and can be controlled and regulated manually or automatically.

The following are examples of some of the energy saving technologies that DCD can integrate into your home:

- LCD and LED TV’s:    Consume less energy and have a smaller footprint then plasma or CRT TV’s.

- Digital Amplifiers:    Consume less energy and are more compact then analog amplifiers.

- Automated Systems:    Can automatically turn off components in a system, and switch to power saving modes when not in use.

- Control From Remote Locations:    Allows you to turn on or off electronics such as climate control or lighting remotely if you forgot to do so before you left on a vacation or long trip.

- Lighting Control:    Easily see which lights have been left on and turn them off without having to go to that switch.

- LED and Fluorescent Light Bulbs:    Can provide  you with the same light output as a 60 watt bulb using only 14 watts or less.

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