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Distributed Video

Do you have an enormous collection of movies? Do you have multiple people in various rooms that want to watch these movies?

Have you ever wanted to stream video directly from the internet to your TV? How about watching exactly what the person in the next room is watching as they are watching it?

With a full multi-zone distributed video system, you can stream video from central sources such as cable or dish boxes to multiple rooms in your home simultaneously.

Your entire movie collection can be stored on a central video server and can be easily accessed by anyone at any time.  You can even stream video directly from the internet or view surveillance cameras on your premises on any TV in the home!

All of this is made simple utilizing a single custom remote for each TV for seamless control of your distributed video system.


- Distributed Video wiring, installation, and configuration

- Flat Panels can be mounted on-wall so that they won’t take up valuable floor space

- Sources can be located in a different room and can be accessed and controlled from any Display via a programmed Universal remote

- Multi-zone configurations available allowing for selecting different sources to be viewed in different rooms simultaneously

- Video Servers available making it easy to access your movie collection from any Display. Multi-zone server configurations allow for simultaneous playback of different movies to different rooms.

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