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Distributed Audio

Relaxing by the pool, taking a bath in the master suite, preparing a meal in the kitchen, entertaining guests, or simply cleaning the house…

All of these things will be more enjoyable when your favorite music follows you wherever you go.

Speakers are mounted in the ceiling so they don’t take up valuable floor space.  Wall-mounted touch-pads allow for easy access to multiple music sources throughout different rooms in your home.

Select your favorite radio station, skip to the next track on a CD, or even browse and play the music from your iPod or any computer in your home.

All of these tasks are made easy with a full multi-zone distributed audio system installed in your home.


- Distributed Audio wiring, installation, and configuration

- Listen to music throughout your home via in-ceiling/wall speakers that won’t take up valuable floor space

- Use in-wall volume controls to control the volume in each room

- Multi-zone configurations available allowing for selecting different sources to be played in different rooms simultaneously

- Two way control and status available for control of sources such as XM and I-pod. With this option, you will be able to view, browse, and select music/stations from various sources via an on-wall keypad

- Audio Servers available making it easy to access your music collection from any Display. Multi-zone server configurations allow for simultaneous playback of different songs to different rooms.

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