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Home Automation/Control

Automation and control systems allow you to access and control the electronic devices in your home simultaneously via custom programmed touch-pads, remotes, and on-screen interfaces.

They link devices together creating a complete system allowing for simpler control, smoother operation, and eliminating the need for multiple, limited, single component remotes.

Complete automation and control creates a better overall user experience and is where DCD shines… providing intuitive system navigation is what we’re all about.

We design our systems to allow you to easily browse the different electronic components and zones in your home similar to how you would navigate a website… and to allow you to control them like you would with a remote control.

You settle into the couch in your family room and with the push of a single button, the lights dim, blackout shades drop over the windows to block the light coming in, and your HD projector and screen drop down from the ceiling…

Your A/V receiver and projector automatically turn on and switch to the correct inputs and settings, and your Blu-Ray player starts playback for the movie you just put in.

The interface on your remote then changes to reveal a completely new set of controls allowing you to operate the Blu-Ray player.

You realize that the room is just a little too cold, so you navigate to the climate control page on the remote and raise the heat a few degrees… you also notice that you left the lights on in the kitchen, so you turn them off… all without leaving the comfortable seat you just settled into.

Imagine how tedious  all that would have been if you had to go through each remote, switch, and keypad to do each task individually.

A full automation and control system automatically executes sub-tasks for you via preprogrammed commands and macros… meaning you just have to press one button to change the status of multiple components to complete a full task such as watching a movie or setting audio, lighting, and TV’s to party mode.

Set your security system, bring up surveillance cameras on your TV, even turn your fountains or fireplaces on or off.  Virtually any electronic component with a control input can be controlled via a custom automation and control system.

On-wall and wireless Touch-panels can be located throughout your home allowing you to navigate and operate your system with ease.


- Automation and Control wiring, installation, and configuration

- Custom programmed wired and wireless touch-pads and remotes can be located throughout the home for local zone and multi-zone control.

- Control of almost any type of electronics system in your home including: Theaters, Media Centers, Distributed A/V, Lighting, Security, Surveillance, Climate Control, Water Features, Fireplaces, and just about anything else that has an electronic control input.

- View, access, and control multiple systems and zones throughout your home from a single touch-pad or remote.

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